Anti-Inflammatory Protocol Diet

I haven’t shared much of my health/fitness journey in awhile.  Honestly, I am pretty upset with myself because I am up almost 20 lbs from last May.  Towards the end of the summer (August to be exact) I started getting random fevers.  I would get one every 4-6 weeks.  The fever would last about 24-36 hours and I would feel like I had the flu without the nausea.  In the beginning of December I had a bad one, my temp got up to 103 and I finally was like “this isn’t some random bug”.

I ended up doing an e-visit with my doctor and went in about 48 hours after the start of my fever but I was feeling better.  She ordered a panel of 5 tests to look for some kind of infection… everything came back negative/normal.  Given my history with uterine fibroids she wanted to meet with me in person to figure out what could be going on.  I went in at the end of December and she ordered 3 more blood tests, a chest x-ray, and another ultrasound.  Because of the fevers, weight gain (I know that was me – I was eating like crap and not working out), and joint pain she tested for Lyme’s, RA, and general inflammation.

Both the Lyme’s and RA test came back negative.  My chest x-ray was normal but my inflammation was OFF THE CHARTS!  Mine was 14 mg/L and normal range is under 1 mg/L.  Risk level is up to 8 mg/L.  General inflammation could be the sign of a wide range of auto-immune diseases and/or cancers so I freaked out but I needed to see how my ultrasound came out.

Fast forward to mid-January I finally got in for my ultrasound and everything was “normalish”.  Last summer I had 3 fibroids (non-cancerous tumors in my uterus) and now I have 4.  They are not large enough for surgery and given the location they are not the reason for my pain and fever.

The doctor asked what I wanted to do next and I decided to hold off future testing and get my nutrition and fitness back in order.  I have a friend at work that has talked to me about the Anti-Inflammatory Protocol (AIP) Plan.  The site was a huge help for me.  I thought it was going to be a lot like the Whole30, which I’ve had great success with.  BUT it is much more restrictive.  I have to reference back to their food list every time I get ready to cook something.  Through AIP plan you can’t have nuts/seeds, eggs, nighshades (white potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, some spices, ect…), seed oils, and pain relievers (no more Advil for awhile!).  These foods can cause inflammation so after 4 weeks (like the Whole) you re-introduce a food group for a week and see how your body reacts.  You then take it out and move to the next food group… until you find what is irritating your system.

I kind of know what my system doesn’t like (nuts, tomatoes, peppers) but I like the foods so much and they are “healthy”.  My main goal with following this plan is to:

  1. STICK TO IT!  Full transparency… the first week is not going well.  I do great until dinner time.  A few days ago I had to make a quick Target run to get fruit and I bought mac & cheese. WHY?!?! Because I thought it would make me “feel” better mentally.  Nope, my stomach hated me.  Guess I needed that reminder that there is a good reason I am doing this.  I have to get my inflammation under control because the pain that I am in on a daily basis is getting really difficult to handle.
  2. Lower my inflammation numbers- I am going to make an appointment for mid-March to have my inflammation tested again to see if my results lower.
  3. Get back to normal- Early last year I was doing so well (mentally, emotionally, physically).  Late in the summer until now I slowed down my working out and starting eating more than I normally do.  The less I worked out the more bad stuff I ate.  It may sound weird but when I work out I stick to my nutrition plan.  Most people use it as a reason to go all out on a meal.  For me, if I don’t work out I feel guilty and then eat all the crappy stuff.

It’s only day 4 for me and I haven’t been great at following the plan but I am feeling better.  I did weigh myself this morning and I am down 1.5 lbs from Monday so something is working.  I plan on checking in again next month to let you know how I am doing.

Helpful sites:

Jamie 🙂

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